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Rice and Noodles

Rice -Kanin – Arroz

Plain Rice

.75 cup


Garlic fried rice


Adobo Rice

Adobo fried rice with chicken or pork


Shanghai Fried Rice


Pancit Palabok


Noodles – Pansit – Fideo

Choice of Ingredients/Style

*Chicken 7.95 * Beef 8.95 *Shrimp 8.95 *Tofu & Veggies 8.95 or *Combination 9.95

Pancit Bihon

Very fine rice noodles

Pancit Sotanghon

Mung bean glass threads

Pancit Canton

Chinese Egg Noodles

Pancit Bam-I

Combination of Canton and Sotanghon noodles

Pancit Lomi

Thick egg noodles

Pancit Mami

Noodle Soup

Pancit Crispy Canton

Pinoy Spaghetti

Filipino version of spaghetti with a tomato and meat sauce characterized by its sweetness and use of hotdogs



Rice noodles cooked in anato seeds, usually served with hard-boiled eggs, pork rind, spring onions, shrimps and lemon.